‘We remember them,’ says families, onlookers and dignitaries

J Gumbs | SetonianIn Shanksville, Pa., people from across the nation joined together on Sun., Sept. 11 to remember the heroes of Flight 93, who overtook the plane to prevent further tragedies.

Although family members of Flight 93 joined together to mourn, the memorial site also welcomed the general public, several dignitaries, including President Barack Obama, and numerous members of the armed forces.

Sergeant First Class Scott Ferris walked the field 10 years ago looking for remains from the crash. “Every time you come out here, you get an eerie feeling,” Ferris said.

New York will never forget

New Yorkers, Americans and people around the world now have a beautiful, dignified place to pay tribute to the memory of the 2,983 men, women and children we lost in the tragic attacks of 9/11,” New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg said referring to the reflective pools where the twin towers once stood. At 8:46…