Steelers gear up for seventh Super Bowl victory

In light of the upcoming Super Bowl, we had a brief survey of student and faculty Steeler fans.

Which rally song is your favorite?

What are your plans for the big game?

Alissa Barron, freshman

Song:  “Here We Go.  Hearing everyone around me sing it at the AFC Championship was awesome!”

Game plans:  “My dad might get tickets, but I’ll probably go to a party.”

Josh Hough, sophomore

Song:  “Renegade”

Game plans:  “I’m watching with everyone in Lowe.”

Rob Tracey, sophomore

Favorite song:  “Renegade”

Game plans:  “I’m partying in Lowe dining hall.  You should all come.”

Charlie McKinney, junior

Favorite song:  “Here We Go”

Game plans:  “We’re having a big tailgating party in our [Steeler’s] gear with a big screen TV.”

Ted DiSanti, associate professor of music

Favorite song:  “Renegade”

Game plans:  “I’ll be in my nice, warm house on my nice, warm sofa.  Best seat in the stadium.”

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