Become an Activist at Seton Hill

If you are interested in becoming an activist for a cause, you might want to look at some of the clubs offered at Seton Hill! Here are some examples of clubs that are active in various causes on and off campus.

Do you find Feminist and Gender studies fascinating? Are you interested in female rights and equality for women and men? Would you like to raise awareness for the issue of domestic abuse? Check out the Feminist Collective.

Do you want to improve relations and understanding between gay and straight people? Would you like to help end gay bashing and hate crimes against homosexuals? Check out the Gay Straight Alliance.

Are you interested in protecting life in all forms? Do you want to speak out against abortion, euthanasia and suicide? Check out the Respect Life Club.

Are you concerned about modern day ethinic cleansing and other intentional mass killings? Do you want to promote awareness and knowledge of past and present genocides? Check out STAND Against Genocide.

Are you interested in another cause? If you can’t find a club that is active in the area that you are interested in, consider finding a group of like-minded individuals and start your own club!


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