Local man arrested for stalking SHU grad student

John Bennish, a middle-aged Hempfield resident, was arrested and charged for stalking a Seton Hill University (SHU) graduate student. He also faces charges for one count of both burglary and trespassing. Bennish posted his $5,000 bond and was released from custody.

Bennish was found in the 24-year-old student’s apartment while she was on spring break last Tuesday. Neighbors reported suspicious noises coming from the student’s apartment.  Reportedly, Bennish stalked the woman for six months and had broken into her apartment before.

After a warrant was obtained to search his house, 13 photos, mostly of women, were found. The police have released the photos in the hope that the women pictured will reveal themselves.

SHU students were sent a text and email via the campus alert system Tuesday morning at approximately 10:50. They were warned that a suspicious person was arrested at the Toll House Apartments in Greensburg. They were warned to “be cautious” and “report concerns to campus police.”

Later in the day, red signs were posted on all campus doors featuring a description of Bennish and possible license plate numbers.

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