MacBook refresh halted: juniors and sophomores wait for Apple shipment for new tech

The MacBook refresh event scheduled for Wednesday Mar 13 was cancelled, due to a shortage of MacBooks. The event will be rescheduled when a new shipment from Apple arrives.

“During the previous Junior refresh, most students waited until the last minute to come in for their new MacBook, this year about 100 came to the first two events. Our existing supply of MacBooks was depleted and we are waiting for the balance of the order to come in. We’ll post an announcement and send emails when they arrive,” said Richard Buchman, program and inventory control coordinator.

The announcement was made via email at 4:40 p.m. Tuesday Mar 12.

“I have a really tight schedule so it was already difficult for me to find a time to go. I’m hoping that when the new ones come in that I’ll be able to find a time to go that coordinates with my schedule,” said sophomore Sara Tantlinger.

Some juniors and sophomores with 60 credits have already traded in their old MacBook Pros for a new and improved version in the junior refresh events in Cecilian Hall.

“I’m looking forward to the new software. I wasn’t expecting to get the new MacBook now. Last year they got them in the summer, so it’s nice to get it early,” said Dana Escareno, sophomore.

The new computers were updated for the juniors. “Basically the differences is the new MacBook has a 300 gigabyte hard drive, Intel 15 processor, Thunderbolt transfer displays and Mac Os Lion operating system,” said Scott Miller, manager of the Solution Center.

Once the students who qualify for the refresh have turned in their older computers, they received the “brand new out of the box” MacBooks. The old computers get redistributed to the incoming freshman.

Sophomore Allie Davis said that she’d be happy with her new computer “as long as they don’t come out with anything new over the summer.”

“I didn’t need a new computer because my old one was functioning, and there really wasn’t a huge difference,” said Lauren Duffy.

“Some of my friends didn’t even want to go get the new computer because they felt like it was unnecessary and said they were too busy,” said Jess Burns.

The CIT staff spent their day transferring the data to the new MacBook, which took approximately 90 minutes.

Students consolidated their documents beforehand and placed them into their document folders. All the students needed to bring were their power cords and charger, and their software was installed. Once finished, CIT called the students when their computers were ready.

These computers are given to the incoming juniors and are the ones they get to keep after graduation, unless a student decides to transfer. At that time they would need to return their MacBook to the university.

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