New spring fashions are vibrant, colorful and fun

Say goodbye to the cold weather and hello to the warmth. As the seasons change so does fashion, so let’s switch the boots out for sandals and the sweaters for shorts for this change!

Ready to be fashionable?  Focus on prints. If you are uninterested in the nautical stripes, try the tribal pattern. Spring will be filled with fringed shirts and floral sun dresses. All of these simple pieces will be sure to make a statement.

This season is filled with the bright orange and pink clothes, now called coral. This can be found in several shades and hues on items from scarves to dresses. Coral brings out the best in most; however, watch your pairing with lipstick because the effect could make your teeth look yellow.

For shoes, there is nothing better than a wedge. Straw heel and open toed can make the typical sundress a complete outfit. Not to mention, this platform shoe can also be very comfortable because it separates your weight evenly throughout your shoes.

When dressing, be careful about wearing too much white, especially before Memorial Day. Look for little ruffles and big bold prints to dress up simple jeggings or pants. This season is definitely colorful. Look for the cuffed pants found in the popular coral, mint green, sky blue and several other pastel colors.

Do not forget to accessorize! Try some new make-up for a different look. This season has brightly colored eyeliners for a change. Nail polish has also been altered for the season, mostly in pastel colors again. Look for chunky necklaces to spice up simple outfits.

Use this warmer weather to change your style. This is an opportunity for you to adjust your color scheme and go out for something bright and bold!

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