Advice to First Year Students

“Don’t stress over what you can’t change. Take your time. Cherish every day whether it’s an exam or a recital…each day can only happen once. Make it count and live it up. These are words of advice a friend gave to me when I was a freshie.” Olivia Goudy, Junior

“Well. Actually go to class and actually do the work.” Brie Dambra, Sophomore

“Keep a schedule of classes, assignments and obligations. It’s a lot easier to function that way.” Stephen Harvey, Junior

“Freshman should start the year cautiously. The first couple of weeks need to be utilized in a way to adjust to college life and get ahead in classes. Relaxation can come afterward. Using the first couple of weeks as an outlet for a good time will only put you behind. Start the year off right and gradually learn what you can handle instead of the other way around. Also…Listen to your RA. They know all.” Adrienne Bracken, Junior

“Don’t procrastinate. On top of decreasing your stress, if you manage your time well, you end up with a lot more free time. Ex: Got a lot of reading for your class? Divide the amount of pages you have to read by the amount of days you have to read it. That way, you’re only reading a few pages a night instead of trying to read the entire thing the night before.” Stephanie Wilson, Senior

“Be organized and really take advantage of free time. And of course take plenty of naps.” Paige Alviani, Junior

“Dear freshman, everyone told me “college will be the time of your life”. After my experience of being here for now three years I can say that the only way it can be enjoyable is to take up all the fun and exciting experiences you have here. If you live on campus stay the weekend and do all the activities offered. Join tons of clubs that interest you. Change your major if you don’t like the one you have! This is an unwritten rule that basically everyone does at least once in college it is ok! All I can say is don’t wait for the experience to come to you, because it won’t you have to grab it for yourself.” Annie Beckel, Junior

“Be yourself and you’ll learn to love to live.” Natalie Spanner, Junior

“Get involved! There are so many opportunities to be apart of something here at SHU. Join a club, be in a musical, volunteer, watch your favorite sports team. Take advantage of what this campus has to offer!” Sarah Oldham, Junior

“Fake it ’till you make it. Even if you’re really shy, just pretend you’re self-confident and unafraid, and friends will come along eventually.” Shannon Bork, Sophomore

“My advice would be to always look on the brighter side of a situation.” Corie Berry, Sophomore

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be adventurous. Otherwise you are deemed boring. And boring people lack friends.” Nicole Dadey, Junior

“I would say, for all freshman to get their homework done ahead of time. Procrastination does not work well at SHU.” Jezelle Migdalia, Junior

“Be your own person and don’t be afraid to try new things!” Taylor Jansen, Junior

“My advice to freshman, make sure you keep a good head on your shoulders. Don’t be afraid or feel weird about speaking up in class, no one will make fun of you, after all this is college. Oh, and ALWAYS make time for fun.  And the most important thing, a nap a day keeps the stress away.”  Lauren Jodzis, Sophomore

“They should have their schedule written down so they won’t forget what assignment is due.” Jared Davenport, Junior

“Make sure you really like your classes. When you look forward to your classes everyday you know you are pursuing what truly makes you happy in life.” Sara Tantlinger, Junior

“Make sure you join a club and get involved in some school functions. That way you’ll meet a bunch of new people.” Chris Boucher, Junior

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