New Killers album catches attention of listeners old and new

The Killers are back and stronger than ever. Battleborn is brilliant and has surpassed The Killers past efforts, as far as experimentation goes. Vocalist Brandon Flowers, guitarist Dave Kuening, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. and Bassist Mark Stoermer have created an album that spans the confines of genres and time.After a 2 year hiatus, Flowers and company have produced their most cohesive album yet. Battleborn is the band’s fourth studio album. This album is simply huge, the production and songwriting complement each other perfectly. Songs like “Miss Atomic Bomb,” “Here With Me” and “Be Still” shine, bringing a classic anthem-rock feel to the album.

Though the album holds true to The Killers’ uniquely crafted sound, this album truly stands out. Each song offers an enjoyable journey from start to finish. “Flesh and Bone” seems to reach through the speaker and demand that we sing along.

“The Rising Tide” showcases the band’s ability to simply play music; something that many bands cannot achieve. The Killers have matured, and it shows in the songwriting- this is a completely new Killers. The singles “Runaways” and “Born to Run,” successfully spotlight Flower’s near perfect vocals and won’t let you pause the song — ever.

There is something for everyone in Battleborn and at the very least you will find yourself tapping your to toe to tracks like “From Here On Out.” Beyond the vast musical landscape that Battleborn travels, Flowers has created a lyrical masterpiece. This might be the most heartfelt collection of songs that Flowers has ever offered.

Battleborn is sure to please long-time fans and win over many new listeners. I am not certain that this album will have the radio playability of Hot Fuss, but it will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

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