Tick Tock Boom

The Student Theatre Activities Council (STAC) presented their annual Tick Tock Boom event at the Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center (SHUPAC) Sept. 8. Tick Tock Boom consisted of four one-act plays that the students wrote, directed and performed 24 hours later.

“It was very entertaining, and it’s hard to believe that they put it all together in 24 hours,” said sophomore Natalie Balfe.

“The most challenging part of producing a play in 24 hours has got to be pulling everything together for the end,” said sophomore Angie Lavelle.

Lavelle wrote and acted in the first play of Tick Tock Boom, “Mary Poppins is No Longer Practically Perfect”.

“Instead of days to learn lines, you have hours. Instead of repeatedly rehearsing with sound and lightening, you might only get one test run. Instead of having a big dress rehearsal, you might have to make every rehearsal time count because there might not be time for another run-through” said Lavelle.

Despite their limited time to produce the plays, STAC managed to produce an event that lasted a little over an hour and kept the audience entertained for the duration of the performances.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I got there because I’ve never been to anything like it before, but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the plays,” said sophomore Allyssa Yanniello.

Tick Tock Boom captivated the audience while also being a good experience for those producing it.  “My favorite part about Tick Tock Boom is just the feeling of creating something and then seeing it come to life through the production and performance of the play,” said Lavelle. “Midway through writing our script, I had to take a moment to look at my group and say, ‘Guys…this actually exists.’”

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