SHU rallies in Washington D.C.’s annual March of Life

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Roe v. Wade has got to go!”—This was the endless chant heard from thousands of pro-lifers who marched in Washington on Friday to protest the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision.

Seton Hill University (SHU) students, faculty and staff attended the march with a local Greensburg parish.

“It’s always an awesome experience to be surrounded by thousands of other influential people of different beliefs and from all across the nation to join together for one purpose that we all agree on,” said Liz Smith, a sophomore music therapy major.

This year’s March for Life, an anti-abortion rally uniting thousands of Americans on Roe v. Wade’s 40 anniversary, involved a march to Supreme Court. In addition there were numerous motivational speakers, including Rick Santorum—Pennsylvania’s former senator who advocated pro-life views during his 2012 presidential race.

“To be able to go and listen to the speakers and walk the full March was fantastic; the energy from the speakers and other marchers was almost tangible,” said freshman Margaret Hoag, communications major.

Hoag said she has been a pro-life activist since childhood.

“It was a really powerful and moving experience to go to the march. This was something I wanted to do since my grandpa and I protested in front of the abortion clinic in my hometown,” Hoag said.

Sister Ann Infanger, the Respect Life Club advisor, marched with SHU students and mentioned the large amount of youth in attendance.

“The March for Life in Washington, DC, had about 500,000 people, mostly under 30 years of age, who are committed to protecting human life at all stages,” Infanger said.

According to Smith, snowfall and freezing temperature didn’t discourage protesters from staying for the whole march. “Despite the weather and the cold, the spirits were kept high by the singing, prayers and the incredible vivacious actions of every participant.”

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