Flowers sold for fundraiser

Often during the winter, there comes the feeling that the gray skies will never give way to that cheery summer blue and that the slush will continually cake the corners of streets and sidewalks. The Science Alliance, made up of both the biology and chemistry clubs, decided to do fundraisers to help move spring along.

The Biology Club came up with the idea of selling bamboo plants. Bamboo lasts for a long time, which is great for busy students who often forget to water plants in lieu of completing an assignment. The bamboo plant not only is good for Earth’s environment, but it also can brighten up any dormitory with its beautiful bright green colors.  And what student doesn’t want to spruce up their room with a plant? No pun intended.

“The bamboo sale was a great success because they’re so cute and easy to take care of, making them the perfect item for college students!” said sophmore biology major Minnu Suresh.

Meanwhile, the Chemistry Club sold red, pink and white carnations on Valentine’s Day, symbolizing the colors of the romantic holiday while earning money for their club. The carnations were being sold for a dollar, which was a great bargain for anyone who wanted to make someone’s day by giving them one of the carnations. Having a little green in a dormitory can do wonders in terms of brightening it up and not making the spring season seem so far away .

“I think the sale was a great success. This was the first year that our club has had a carnation sale, but there was talk of making sure to do it again next year,” said senior chemistry major Allison Abbey.

Both the flowers and the bamboo plants were hot items for students; they were easy to transport, easy to care for and really brightened up the gray slush Mother Nature keeps pelting at southwestern Pennsylvania.

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