ISO club sponsors World Week

The Intercultural Student Organization (ISO) sponsored their third annual World Week, promoting diversity on the campus of Seton Hill University (SHU).

ISO president Jordan Forney sat in the Maura Solarium, where she handed out pamphlets and answered questions about her club.

“Right now for ISO, we’re just putting our name out there and showing the school that we exist,” said Forney, adding that “anyone is welcome to join”, whether they are an intercultural student or not.

ISO hosted a coffee talk in the admin parlors with guest speaker Tahla Rehmani, originally from Pakistan. Rehmani studied robotic systems development at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

“Islam is the most misunderstood religion because there are so many stereotypes,” said Rehmani. “When I came to the US I expected the majority of people to hate me for being Islamic but the stereotypes were broken once I got here.” In the same way Rehmani realized the US was not portrayed correctly, he knew that Islam was put in a bad light.

“My father is an extremist. He is extremely kind, extremely just and extremely merciful,” said Rehmani as he talked about how most Islamists are.

“Media is someone who can turn black into white and white into black.”

A presentation on sports in different countries all over the world was held in Maura Solarium.  Startling facts were presented, such as the fact that women’s ice hockey in Japan didn’t qualify in the Olympics until 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

 Dietetics majors Colleen Davis, Alyssa Mrozek and Sarah Harmotta made food from different cultures and gave out free samples. Meat pate, a pastry filled with ground beef, spices and vegetables from the Virgin Islands, butter tarts with almonds from Canada and kheer, a rice pudding from Nepal with pistachios were a part of their multicultural project.

 World Week ended with a fashion show. Students from ISO and Future Greek Leaders (FGL) modeled clothes and styles from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Pittsburgh, India, Hawaii, Nigeria, Japan and Canada.

 FGL performed a step dance routine and gave a video presentation about the racial discriminations in Greek Organizations . At the intermission of the show there was a ticket raffle for t-shirts and prizes.

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