Looking forward to spring break

Despite marking the start of spring, March hasn’t been the kindest of months so far. With temperamental weather, including a snowstorm that caused a delay, and heaps of stressful assignments and exams, things have been pretty rough this March.

But do not fear. Spring break is right around the corner! At this point, the knowledge of spring break being so close is the only thing keeping me going. I cannot wait for this long-deserved mini-vacation.

A week free of assignments and exams is the perfect respite that every college student needs in order to keep sane. You may be feeling as if you’re only hanging on by a thread right now, but just think: soon enough you’ll be sleeping in your own bed, eating lovingly prepared home-cooked meals and spending your time however you wish. During the carefree days of spring break, you can push school to the back of your mind and focus on the things that make you happy.

Spend time with family and friends, get some much-needed sleep, catch up on your favorite shows, and finish any projects you may have started. Hopefully the weather will recognize and accept that it is finally spring, and you can spend time in the great outdoors with the fresh air and budding wildlife! I know I’m looking forward to reading those books I’ve been too busy to read, taking my dog on long walks, and returning to my job to earn a little money.

Maybe you have a nice Easter tradition to look forward to? I enjoy going to Easter mass with my family and then returning home for our Easter dinner. If the weather is nice, my family gets together with our cousins who live close by and we organize an Easter egg hunt for our younger siblings in my family’s backyard. And, of course, everybody gets chocolate!

Remember to leave a little time for yourself to simply relax and breathe.You’ve survived the school year thus far and deserve to take it easy. It has been a tough couple of months, so take this opportunity to unwind and refresh.

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