Mixtape artist visits Pittsburgh

It’s been almost four years since Hoodie Allen put down his first mixtape. On March 5, the “Cruisin’ USA” tour had its first stop to a sold-out show at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh.

The show opened with two artists, Jared Evans and Aer.

Promotion for the show was partially done through fans. Hoodie Allen offered fans an opportunity to meet him prior to the show through promotion via Facebook. Some Seton Hill University (SHU) students took part in the promotional activities and were invited to the meet and greet session prior to the show.

Hoodie talked with fans, signed items and took photos, as well as spent time at the merchandise table prior to the show.

Hoodie radiated energy throughout the performance. The show opened up with a shuffled mix of his tracks, and his performance featured a live band. Throughout the show, the audience was help captivated as Hoodie used every corner of the stage.

Hoodie didn’t let any chance to thank his fans slip by, splashing his performance with praise and gratitude for his fans. At one point, he asked the audience to raise their hands if they had been fans since his first mixtape, and since his first EP, “Leap Year”. He rewarded the early fans by playing one of his earliest tracks, “You Are Not a Robot”.

The show also featured tracks from his latest album, “Crew Cuts”. Hoodie then disappeared off stage for a little while, returning to conclude the show with “No Interruption”.

Hoodie Allen is known for his witty, funny lyrics with injections of pop culture. His music takes samples from a diverse range of performers from Aretha Franklin to groups like the Black Keys.

 Hoodie hit the scene last year with the single “No Interruption.” His album “All American” peaked and propelled Hoodie to the forefront of music charts and iTunes downloads.

 Since his first mixtape, Hoodie Allen’s musical career took off with a whirlwind of tours and three subsequent compilations.

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