Rainy weather presents fashion challenges

Spring is near and it’s coming fast! But before it gets here, we have to face the unpredictable, weird, rainy and cold winter weather of March. Never fear, though, because there are many opportunities to stay warm and dry based on what’s in your wardrobe.

Piecing together an outfit that is functional but appealing can be a challenge. The first and most important pieces that you need are boots; particularly rain boots. For those who have to walk back and forth to Brownlee, Farrell, DeChantel or Havey residence halls, rain boots are necessary to make it through puddles and rain. These boots will protect you from wet socks and extra cold toes. Do not be afraid to choose a boot with some personality. For example, you can choose an animal print or floral pattern. This item can splash some color into your outfit and separate you from the rest. Bright colors are very in for the spring season!

The next pieces that you need are leggings and sweater tights. To make use of those shorts and skirts that you wear during the summer, pair some tights or leggings underneath them. They will keep you warm and you won’t have to worry about exposing too much skin. To keep your upper half warm as well, try long-sleeved button-downs, sweaters, cardigans and blazers. These are your most important tools for layering. You can mix and match these items and create several new looks. You can put a sweater over a button-down and place a blazer over it and the top half of your outfit is complete.

In order to protect it from getting wet, the most essential item is a raincoat. If you’re into being fancy, get yourself a nice trench coat. Make sure the material resists water and will keep you warm enough during a windy day on the Hill. To give your looks even more personality, use a variety of accessories. This includes your umbrella. Choose an umbrella that equally expresses who you are and protects you from the rain. Your umbrella is going to be your best friend, so be prepared to get pretty close.

My favorite accessory is a scarf because there are so many styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. Go crazy at the mall and pick your favorites. Another great accessory that has become pretty popular is the oversized beanie. Beanies keep your head warm and make you feel cool at the same time. Adding a scarf or a beanie can take any outfit to the next level. My last and final tip to beat the rain and the cold is to not let the weather control your attitude. If you look out your window in the morning and all you see is grey, take it as a challenge. Be the person who brightens up someone else’s day with your awesome outfit.

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