Seton Hill theatre presents “Little Women”

Seton Hill University’s (SHU) latest musical production “Little Women” was a big hit, with nearly every performance sold out.

Senior Megan Henderson was cast as the outgoing Jo March, whose memories served as the gateway for the audience’s experience.

Cast members were perfectly suited to play their respective roles. Every voice fit the character and actors never seemed to be playing a part. Rather, it felt like Jo herself was standing on the stage, singing about her dreams and her sisters.

The singing was top-notch, with some songs high on the emotional scale, such as “Some Things Are Meant to Be,” sung by senior Ariel Watters, who played the role of Beth March.

If any cues were missed, any lines fumbled, or any note sung off pitch the actors covered it up professionally.

One slight fumble occurred when Laurie, played by Eric Wielock, was carrying in Amy and fell to the ground. However, Wielock kept it professional and made it look as though it was part of the show.

The set changes were quick and effective. Dancers not only changed the scenes but also acted as the transition between seasons and years and moods, such as the forest in Jo’s story.

The characters drew in the audience, eliciting responses to their happiness and pain. The audience laughed at the sheer audacity of the first and second edit of Jo’s story as she read it to Professor Bhaer, played by Andy Meholick.

Everyone involved in the production of “Little Women” should feel proud of their accomplishment. The momentum from the success of this show gives credence to the next main stage show, “Salvation Road”, which is set to open April 12.

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