Hercules rocks new colors

It’s the season that we all have been waiting for: SPRING! Time to throw those sweaters to the back of the closet and show some skin. Your arms and legs will thank you for the fresh air and the chance to breathe again. Say goodbye to the snow and hello to the sunshine, but don’t go too crazy. Summer is not just a time for bikinis and booty shorts (sorry boys). I have some tips and a peek into the latest trends of summer 2013 to help you piece together the perfect wardrobe for the sun.

 The best part of this year’s summer fashion are the repeated trends. Many of the trends of last year’s summer have transferred over to 2013. This means there’s no need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Color blocking, cap toe flats and tribal prints are trends that are here to stay.

 The best colors to celebrate summer are brights and bolds. Try to stay away from neon; use it sparingly. My favorite colors for this summer are coral and mint. These pastel tones can be used as neutrals and can be found as tops, dresses, bottoms and shoes.

 The number one accessories that will go along with those brights and bolds are statement sunglasses. Do not be afraid to go crazy with them. The crazier the better. Floral patterns, bright colors and vintage looks are encouraged. Let them make you stand out in a crowd.

 If you have a more sophisticated style, the black and white trend is for you. The sharpness created by black and white provides an instant chicness that no other combination can. You can find individual black and white pieces or mix pieces together. You can even use a handbag as a piece by pairing a white dress with an all-black bag. There are so many possibilities. Have fun mixing and matching!

 Showing off some skin is a major component of every summer. The “Peekaboo” trend is perfect for allowing people a glimpse of what’s been underneath those layers. This season you can find more dresses and tops with keyholes and cutout sides.  For something more subtle, you can go with an off the shoulder, or even a sleeveless, top.

 If you are feeling adventurous this season try the fresh, new trends. Instead of grabbing your jeans, go for some cropped pants. Cigarette pants come in all kinds of different colors and are great for the summer. Sporty dresses are another new trend for this season. They showcase your shoulders and are easy to pair with sneakers or heels.

 This summer, let your outfit be an expression of your freedom and excitement. Embrace the warmth and let your personality shine through.

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