Rising Star Benedict Cumberbatch

With so many brilliant actors from all around the world, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Luckily for us, actor Benedict Cumberbatch has managed to break away and rise among the ranks.

Born Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (trying saying that five times fast) in London, England, Cumberbatch first became well known for his role of Stephen Hawking in the BBC drama “Hawking” in 2004.

Although his name was known from 2001 on, he hit international stardom with his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC production of “Sherlock.”

Cumberbatch’s iconic deep voice is especially notable when acting as Sherlock Holmes. Numerous fans have compared his rich baritone voice to a “jaguar inside a cello.”

Cumberbatch has had a busy year filming for various shows and movies both in the UK and in America, three of his most anticipated works being “Sherlock,” “Star Trek” and “The Hobbit.”

Cumberbatch returns once again to “Sherlock” as Sherlock Holmes himself. After faking his death, Sherlock returns to London in “The Empty Hearse,” loosely based off the original story “The Empty House” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Filming of “Sherlock” began March 18 and has an airdate of late this year. A fourth series has also been confirmed by the creators of “Sherlock”, so expect to see more Cumberbatch in the future.

In the movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” Cumberbatch is set to play the villain, John Harrison. To some he may be the stereotypical English villain, but Trekkies should rejoice in the casting of Cumberbatch. He’s researched Harrison’s role within the Star Trek Universe to set a motive for Harrison’s actions.

When asked why he brushed up on Harrison’s life, he said “It was important to me to ground [John Harrison] in a reality that’s based more on his story than, say, a parallel in the real world.”

Cumberbatch also studied various terrorist groups to get a realistic feel for Harrison, who is a terrorist.

Cumberbatch will also be re-joining “Sherlock” co-star Martin Freeman in the second of The Hobbit film trilogy, “The Desolation of Smaug.”

Cumberbatch and Freeman will appear onscreen together as enemies this time around with Cumberbatch cast as the villain, Smaug the Dragon.

Cumberbatch will be motion-capturing Smaug similar to how Gollum was motion captured by Andy Serkis in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and in “An Unexpected Journey.”

Cumberbatch was also credited for his motion capture of The Necromancer in the first movie, “An Unexpected Journey” and will also provide the voice of The Necromancer in subsequent installments.

Due to his smooth voice, Cumberbatch has provided the voice of several characters on BBC Radio shows. One character is Captain Martin Crieff, an airline pilot in the show “Cabin Pressure,” an ongoing BBC radio show.

Cumberbatch has also voiced characters in “Copenhagen” and “Neverwhere” earlier this year on BBC Radio 3 and 4.

Cumberbatch has received numerous nominations and awards, first being nominated in 2001 for his role in the stage production of “Love’s Labor Lost.”

His first award was in “Best Performance by an Actor” which he won in his portrayal in “Hawking”.

His most recent award was the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Actor, which he won for his roles in “Sherlock” and “Parade’s End” as Christopher Tietjens.



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