Sequels soon to hit theaters

Throughout the history of cinema, sequels to hit movies have gone to one of two extremes: they’re either sobbingly terrible and do nothing for the original story, or brilliantly done films that provide an acceptable follow-up to the first movie.

 A few sequels that look promising are coming to theaters soon. For those of us who missed the hysterical antics of the stubby-legged, googly-eyed minions, “Despicable Me 2” gives us something to look forward to when it comes out in July. Gru and the girls return, but this time Gru is on the good side when the Anti-Villain League contacts him for help defeating a powerful villain. It’ll be a little weird seeing Gru as a “good guy,” but I have high hopes for this sequel.

 It’s no secret that great books often make good movies (I’m looking at you, Life of Pi), which is why many audiences are eagerly awaiting the new Percy Jackson movie coming to the big screen Aug. 16. In his new adventure, the demigod must overcome new obstacles with the help of his friends in the search for the fabled Golden Fleece. The audience’s interest and love for the first book in this series was what drove them to the theater; will it do the same for this one?

 Wipe that old spaghetti sauce off of your umbrella; “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” is coming to theaters Sept. 27! Flint’s crazy food-making weather machine has transformed Swallow Falls into a land made entirely of living food. Shrimpanzees, double bacon cheespiders and my personal favorite, tacodiles are just a few of the creatures this food land has created. The world calls upon Flint and his friends to save the world once more.

 There’s no talking about sequels without mentioning that Disney and Pixar just announced the sequel to “Finding Nemo” which will be titled “Finding Dory.” Though there isn’t much known about it yet (it isn’t even hitting theatres until 2015!), Pixar rarely lets down its audiences. Dory’s such a well-loved character, it’s hard to think that a movie about her could be bad.

It looks like we’ve got a lot of great sequels heading our way in the near (and far) future! Here’s to hoping they match up to their first movies!

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