Sucessful scientist gives tips to science majors

Women in Science Day was held by the Chemistry Club on April 4. The guest speaker was Kimberly Schaaf, a specialist and group leader in gas chromatography. She is also the analytical liaison between her group and other areas of her workplace, among many other things.

Schaaf is a graduate of Seton Hill University (SHU), works for Pittsburgh Plate Glass, is a mother of two and loves english, music and dance.

“I wanted to be an English major or a theater major,” said Schaaf during her presentation. Instead, Schaaf found herself in another profession. She was forced to choose between keeping her major and paying for school on her own, or changing it and not having to pay on her own. She liked science, so she chose that.

While the sparse crowd was mostly science majors ranging from freshmen to seniors, this presentation contained information for everyone. Schaaf went through a list of must-have skills ranging from teamwork to effective communication skills.

Schaaf also encouraged her audience to look into grad school. “It’s possible to be a successful scientist and a [great] mom.”

“Science is definitely an adventure,” she said. Toward the end of her presentation, she talked about her family and interests. She explained that everyone needs to balance their lives—make a little room for personal time. Schaaf enjoys reading books by Airicka Phoenix, a young adult paranormal and contemporary genre author. Now, she’s not only a science-based person, but she’s also the personal assistant for Phoenix.

She urged everyone to keep in touch with friends—even after graduating—because they are important and might turn out to be a huge help later in life.

After her presentation, there was salad, pizza, cookies and discussion. The attendees got to talk to Schaaf, share stories and talk about which majors and minors were best together.

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