“Tools for Success: Useful Apps for College Students”

iA Writer: ($ 0.99) As many of us are on the go, and constantly being pulled in by multiple distractions, iA writer allows for a simple writing tool.   There aren’t any fancy features, but the distraction free format offers users a focused work experience. The lack of perpetually annoying ads and simplistic structure makes this app worth checking out.

Alarm Clock Pro: ($0.99) Most of us have multiple alarms, especially those who commute. Alarm Clock Pro, is a fantastic tool to ward off deep sleeps and power naps. This app not only offers multiple styles of alarms, but it also allows users to fall –asleep and wake up to your favorite tunes. The music feature can be set to “fade” which gradually lowers or raises the volume. The app is also equipped with weather forecast and flashlight features. This app is sure to wake you out of the deepest of blissful dreams.

TED: (Free) This app is truly unique and has no real classification. Through TED, users can access thousands of inspirational talks and conferences with educators, engineers, analysts, doctors and musicians.  Users can bookmark chapters, and segments, which saves the location of the viewed speech and can be viewed with or without an Internet connection.  Users are able to share and download videos making this a great resource for sharing information.

Calcbot: ($ 1.99) The default calculator on the iPhone is, well, horrible. It lacks any sort visual interest and could use a refresh. Calcbot is the app for users who demand more features than the average “free” calculator app. The most useful feature is the ability to save and email calculations. Though many of us simply use the existing calculator, Calcbot is aimed toward those who need a reliable scientific calculator. The list of features is far too long to list. For math and science students, this app will prove it’s worth over time and use.

Readability: (Free/ requires account) This app removes all clutter surrounding articles and blog entries. Though Apple’s Safari app has the “Reader” feature, that service is not always available.  Readability will link with the saved articles on your computer, through your account. For those who like choosing fonts and themes, Readability allows for some customization. This app is for the avid iPhone reader.

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