A night for the ages

Do you love seeing talented students? Do you love hearing nerdy, science jokes? Then the LECOM talent show is right up your alley!

Held on campus in Reeves Theater, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) students put on an unforgettable night of singing, dancing and performing for their fellow students.

Hosting the show titled A Night for the Ages were LECOM students, Anna Jonas and Nate Sherwood. The acts were separated into three time periods starting with today’s hits and travelling back through time to the 1990’s and the 1980’s.

LECOM students can often be seen studying in the library preparing for their careers in the medical field. In spite of their demanding schedules the students were able to let loose and have fun for one night.

Performances were all over the board ranging from beautiful piano pieces from “Jurassic Park” to students acting as their professors titled “A day in the life of LECOM [Seton Hill] faculty”.

The talent wasn’t restricted to LECOM students, as several professors joined in on the fun and performed solo or with their students.

Dr. Eade performed with fellow student Jen Fretwell to “What is this Feeling?” from the musical “Wicked.”

One professor, Dr. Baber, performed a piano piece from memory for students to enjoy. He said beforehand that he couldn’t lose his place in the song, or else he would have to start over at the beginning.

Ironically enough, prop difficulties resulted in the chair breaking underneath him, causing him to fall dramatically to the floor and the loss of his concentration. Still, no one complained when he had to begin the piece from the very beginning.

To remind the audience that these are LECOM students, the show was peppered with science jokes. One student even brought his significant other onto stage and sang a song about how he wanted to go into geriatrics with her.

The LECOM talent show wasn’t just singing and dancing. LECOM student Adam Christensen cracked two whips to the beat of “Whip It”.

When the song was over, he then popped two balloons while a student held them and then whipped a water bottle off the head of the same student.

Between the various acts, the house band, “Just Wingin’ It,” entertained the audience with appropriate songs such as Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. The house band consisted of LECOM students Jake Phillips, Matt Nelson, Douger Opie, Jordan Christensen, Chris Jones and Nick Murtha.

The talent show was in memory of James Horn Jr.  who passed away April 8 2013. LECOM students took donations before and after the show.


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