DEV visits Seton Hill for live performance

DEV visited Seton Hill University (SHU) to a seemingly small (compared to the space) but enthusiastic audience on March 20. A couple of hundred students gathered in McKenna gym to listen to her after the openers, The Jane Does, performed.

The Jane Does were good openers in terms of building up a dance atmosphere. It was a little shocking to see two peoples just standing behind of their MacBooks with their earphones remixing music, but the remixes were high energy and catchy.

Both women got into the concert and kept the audience involved. The highlight of the Jane Does, however, was clearly their remix of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” which they performed as a closer. Everyone was dancing and jamming along.

The wait for DEV was full of anticipation. A couple of failed chanting attempts happened every time someone came out on stage. When DEV actually came out, she was full of bubbly energy. She commented on the irony of being in “Green”sburg on 4/20 and kept up with some funny comments all night.

Her lyrics were a sharp contrast to her appearance, but overall it wasn’t about that; it was all about the dancing. The backup dancers were my favorite part of the show, however. Their simple, in unison, dance moves combined with their matching black sweatshirts, shorts and sunglasses gave a fun, secret-service-lesque vibe that was really enjoyable.

DEV saved her most popular song “Dancing in the Dark” for last, and also threw in favorites like “Like a G6.” The whole thing was done by 10:30 p.m. I woke up the next morning feeling like an old person from all the dancing. It was definitely a fun night and an unusual one for SHU. I wouldn’t mind it being a more consistent thing.

SAC clearly put a lot of work into this event. There were members all over the place making sure that everything went smoothly. They had been working actively for months before the event coordinating everything. According to Sarah Oldham, one of the planners of the event and members of SAC, they were pleased with how the concert went.

“A lot of planning and preparation went into the event and we are so thankful to all those who helped out in any way. It was an amazing experience overall from planning ticket sales, advertising, and working with the artists. We look forward to putting on larger concerts in the future,” said Oldham, a junior communications major.

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