Fall Out Boy bursts back into music scene with album and tour

After a hiatus spanning over four years in length, Fall Out Boy has blazed back into the public eye.  Rumors circulated earlier this year via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook that the boys were working on a reunion.  After confirmation of a comeback, news of a brand new album shortly followed.

That album, entitled “Save Rock and Roll,” hit shelves April 16 and has garnered huge sales since. With over 150,000 units moved thus far, the band pushed past the likes of Kid Cudi to nab the number one sales slot in the country.

The first two singles off the disc have been released with accompanying music videos.  The first single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up),” has been receiving solid radio play.  The track tore its away up Billboard’s Hot 100 chart to land in a peak position of 15.

 “The Phoenix” followed shortly thereafter, landing slot 80 of Billboard’s Hot 100.

The videos will come in chapter installments, and each song on the album will receive its own video.

 The videos are rumored to have some special upcoming celebrity guests.  “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” already features Grammy nominated artist 2 Chainz.

 The album’s cover features a statement photograph portraying two different boys from Burma.  The one on the left is smoking and dressed in rock attire; the one on the right dons robes like a monk.  The cover represents the old and new, the mixing of popular culture and tradition coming together.

 The album itself features some of its own special guests, including Big Sean, Foxes, Courtney Love and the one and only Elton John.

 “Save Rock and Roll” contains an interested mixture of both slamming pop rock beats and a throwback to Fall Out Boy’s typical polished, poppy sound from a few years back.

 “The Phoenix” and “Light Em Up” both contain the same charged guitar, foot-stomping background beats.  The pieces are a fresh taste of Fall Out Boy’s capability to be a darker, more serious group of musicians with some variety in their repertoire.

 Songs like “Alone Together” feature the older, sugar sweet melodies the boys became known for in albums like “From Under the Cork Tree” and “Infinity on High.”  While pleasing to the ears of avid fans, this may be a turn off where the Emo band’s anti-fans are concerned.

 The album’s non-hit gems include “Young Volcanoes” and “Rat A Tat.”  “Young Volcanoes” features a clap happy acoustic beat.  Some simple, catchy lyrics and lead singer Patrick Stump’s baby smooth, soaring vocals make it an ultimate sing along.

 “Rat A Tat” features some angry, snarling verses from Hole lead Courtney Love in conjunction with Stump’s eloquence.  The song comes in right after “Young Volcanoes,” the juxtaposition between the two sounds irresistible.

 Fall Out Boy announced a national tour that kicks off in May.  The boys’ first couple of shows, including ones in Milwaukee, Chicago, Columbus and Pittsburgh sold out within the first few days tickets were made available.  Openers and mentees Panic! At the Disco will join them on tour along with some other special guests.

 With a hot CD burning up the charts, a slew of videos and singles and a sold out tour, it’s safe to say that these Pop Punk Emo kings have surpassed failed come back attempts into the sweet taste of reunited success.

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