The Sequester: Our Future

What is the Sequester? It is a cut in government spending. Is that a good thing? Cuts do need to be made in our country, but I think we have to know what is being cut and being spent on in the future to determine if it is helpful or not.

Today, the United States of America is 1.2 trillion in federal budget deficit, which is, according to, “The financial shortage of the federal government’s budget. It represents more money being spent on than is coming in via taxes and other income.”

Since congress did not agree to raise the United States’ taxes because they are already too high, President Barack Obama came up with an $85 billion plan, or about a 2 percent cut from the budget deficit, that would “help” our country. On March 1, the plan went into effect and the results have shown that the Sequester is hurting American citizens more than helping them.

Cancer clinics are turning away patients, since they cannot afford to take care of everyone. The Meals on Wheels program has been cut down by millions and cannot provide for as many senior citizens who have relied on these meals, and students cannot afford tuition for college or receive the financial aid they were originally receiving.  So, how will the Sequester affect college students?

Through my research, I realized that the Sequester would not only affect them through education, but through much more. The military cuts, health cuts, environmental cuts and the people who are weak and helpless in the United States will affect the students as well. The Army has had their base funding cut down by millions in each state. Vaccines are not available to as many children, due to cuts in medicine. Companies that ensure our water and air is clean will not be financed as much. These are just a few of the consequences that are occurring in America.

Whether people oppose or support the Sequester, hopefully they will be able to gain more information on the topic and develop their own opinion.

People may then ask what can the citizens of America do about this situation: Write to your congressman. Join a club. Protest! Even at the slightest, a person can comment on an article so their words can be heard by others, and then hopefully spread around. Whatever you believe, do something about it. Our future is dependent on what we do now, and something needs to be done.


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