Alumni Weekend captures the Seton Hill Experience

A large group of former Seton Hill (SHU) students gathered at their alma mater for a weekend full of fun and reminiscing from Friday to Sunday. With classes as early as the Class of 1941 represented, Alumni Weekend provided a chance not just for students to catch up with each other, but also allowed SHU Alumni Association a chance to capture the varied stories of alumni.

“We have many alumni events across the country throughout the year and have found over the years that there are many untold stories about the Hill, so we are going to record them!” said Mary Ross Cox, director of alumni relations.

The memories were captured on video during a story times on Friday and Saturday. The videos will be saved in the archives.

“The weekend is nostalgic, really. It’s great to hear other people’s experiences. Working together to support Seton Hill, it will be a stronger and more viable force,” said Annette Modar, who is finishing her first year as the Alumni Association president.

Overall the weekend serves as a way for alumni to enjoy time with old and new friends and get caught up on the happenings at their former school. Some events include a State of the University address, ghost tours, recognition for distinguished alumni and visits to the Performing Arts Center, the archives, Caritas Christi and local taverns.

“Being active (as an alumni), helps continue those relationships from Seton Hill. My friendships with SHU alumni are stronger today than when I was a student,” said Modar, who graduated in 2001 with an accounting degree and again in 2011 with a Masters of Business Administration.

“Although the place has some different buildings and new faces, it still is the same Seton Hill,” Cox said.

Alumni weekend is just one of the activities the Alumni Association puts on for alumni each year. Traditions current SH students are familiar with like Homecoming and Christmas on the Hill are huge for alumni, too. They even hold their own Christmas on the Hill event the week after the student one so that alumni can experience the beautiful decorations in Lowe Dining Hall.

The Alumni Association is also involved in connecting with current students through events and communications from their student relations committee. In the spring semester, they hosted a hot dog roast that over 200 current students attended. They have also reach out to accelerated degree program students and commuters.

“Being involved with the Alumni association is an opportunity to give back. It’s a chance to inspire new students because they’ll be able to learn from your experience. Especially when you’re in the workforce,” said Modar, who has been involved on the board of the Association for almost 10 years. “Networking between students and alumni can be helpful. Never know when you might find someone you (as an alumni) want to hire if you are in the position to do so.”

Students are welcomed and encouraged to contact Alumni through the Alumni Office on campus or by contacting the Alumni Association, according to Modar. Alumni not only support each other, but also support students and are willing to answer questions about careers.

“Our alumni are very interested in Seton Hill students and what is happening at Seton Hill today. Seton Hill alums are highly accomplished women and men  anxious to share what they know with our students and honored to be asked,” Cox said.

SHU has a diverse alumni, according to Cox, with a third of the group in the age group that graduated within the past ten years. Despite this variety, the association can always use volunteers. The Alumni Association website has a volunteer form that allows alumni looking to get involved to specify what areas they are interested in.  With 10 subcommittees, there are areas to fit anyone’s area of interest, according to Modar.

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