Chemistry outreach engages homeschooled students

The Seton Hill University (SHU) Chemistry Club held an outreach program in affiliation with the American Chemical Society on May 7. Homeschooled students were invited to the SHU campus where the Chemistry Club guided them in activities throughout the day.

 The homeschooled students participating in the outreach event ranged from middle school age to high school age. They participated in science-related activities that included making slime, making soap and having acetone races.

 “I thought the soap was fun to do with them,” said Natalie Balfe, sophomore biology major. “We got to teach them a bunch of lab techniques.”

 “We had to do a demo with sulfuric acid and sugar and that was my favorite part,” said sophomore biology major Minnu Suresh. “It was pretty cool, it’s a dehydration so the water is taken out of the sugar leaving a black huge mass of carbon.”

 The high school students engaged in more advanced activities as well, such as using infrared spectroscopy.

 “It was nice when they [the homeschool students] thanked us at the end and were telling us how excited they were,” Balfe said.


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  1. My daughter went to the homeschool chemistry outreach and she had a great time. She would like to do it again this year. Are they offering it again this year?

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