DV8: Get cozy here

A host of coffee shops can be found throughout Greensburg, including Panera, Starbucks and Caffe Barista.  I’ve tried them all, as well as countless others, and have never found one that matched the fun, cozy atmosphere of downtown’s DV8.

The shop boasts uniqueness from its front, which is adorned with a giant, artistic coffee sculpture to signal its entrance.

Upon entering, the homey feelings set in.  All of the floors are wood and the wall colors warm.  Small two person tables are lined throughout the room, close enough to be comfortable and far enough away to allow some privacy.  The walls are scattered with a variety of original local art for sale.

While I’ve never purchased a piece, I can’t help roaming the room in an effort to study them all.

The counter invites you up with rows of glass jars and bagged goodies, including muffins, cookies, chocolate covered espresso beans and other snacks.

Initially, you think the bombastic Jamaican man chilling in the back room is going to take your order.  You quickly realize it’s cardboard and have a good laugh.

Once you’ve ordered from the menu, which includes a large and delicious list of teas, coffees and specialty drinks, you’re faced with an important decision.

You can stay in the first room with the two person tables.  If you do this, you’ll probably end up engaging in thoughtful discussion or pulling out one of the many board games or books waiting for customer use.  (The last time I was a patron in the shop, I ended up in an intense game of Battleship while discussing the American education system with a friend).

Your other choice is to cross over into the adjoining room and enjoy a larger, more spread out area with tables, chairs, and a counter.  The open space includes baskets of yarn and needles for crocheting and knitting, along with instructional books.  A large cabinet also displays handcrafted items for sale.

I’ve additionally found myself in this room for poetry readings and music jam sessions later at night.

The shop is a nice home away from home.  It allows you to relax in a warm atmosphere, gather with friends, have some tasty food and beverage and express yourself while forgetting work, school and other obligations.  It’s a truly original shop, one that invites you in from its front sign.


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