Eight Gen Console War

As we slowly move through the summer, video game fans are being treated to a new generation of consoles to buy come this holiday season.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be presenting their respective systems that will be available to purchase late December of this year. Now that the E3 Press Conference has passed, we have more details about each system competing in this console war.

Sony has introduced the new PlayStation 4 (PS4), Microsoft has revealed the Xbox One and Nintendo has the WiiU for the eighth generation of video game consoles.

The PS4 features 8GB of unified memory, a faster Blu-Ray player and special chips dedicated to processing audio, video and background tasks. Sony has also planned to focus more on social gameplay with the release of the PS4.

Some PS4 titles will include Assassin’s Creed IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts and the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. The system has seventy-one planned games to be released in the upcoming year.

Although the PS4 doesn’t feature backward compatibility Sony plans to use a service called Gaikai, which will allow players to emulate and play all previous PlayStation games.

Critics and fans alike have panned the Xbox One for the lack of features found on the console. Players can only play games on their console, as the disc downloads to only one system after being purchased and will only operate on that system.

Used games can still be played, but they must be taken to a game store to be have their memory cleared which will then allow a new owner to download the game to their Xbox One. This also eliminates sharing games with friends.

 A large complaint of the Xbox One is that you need to be constantly accessed to a Wi-Fi connection. To play any game, on or off-line, players must log onto Wi-Fi every twenty-four hours.

 The Xbox One will not feature backwards compatibility with any Xbox or Xbox 360 games. No word from Microsoft if they plan to have the Xbox One be backwards compatible.

 The Xbox One is currently planning to release fifty-one games including Dead Rising 3 and a currently untitled Halo game.

 It’s difficult to consider the WiiU an eighth-generation system, as it’s more of an add-on to Nintendo’s Wii system. The WiiU has been available in North America since Nov. 18 2012 and has been well received by most fans.

 Clearly, the main competition this year is between the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 will be sold for $399 and will be released later on this year, most likely during the holiday season. The Xbox One will be released around the same time and will go for $499.

 As a gamer and owner of a PS2, Wii and Xbox 360, Microsoft has lost touch with many of their customers. The negative of the Xbox One far outweigh the positives and the PS4 is simply the overall better console. I personally recommend the PS4 if you’re looking for a new system this holiday season.


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