Boerio becomes SHU Interim President

After JoAnne Boyle announced her retirement, Seton Hill University(SHU) made Bibiana Boerio interim president. Boerio has had quite the extensive career, such as working for car companies to participating in politics.

Boerio began her career as a teenager working as a bookkeeper in a butcher shop. However, Boerio said, her career did not continue in the butcher shop, because she was not fond of the butchering.

Boerio and her fraternal twin sister, Juliana, attended SHU for their bachelor’s degrees in 1971. Boerio majored in fashion design, a topic she said she was very passionate about. According to Boerio, As time went on in her years as a student at SHU, she realized that her talent was not as strong as her passion for fashion design. Even with her doubts, Boerio stuck to her major and achieved a bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

Once Boerio finished her degree at SHU, she attended the University of Pittsburgh to acquire a master’s degree in business. Boerio said that SHU’s liberal arts and the University of Pittsburgh’s business program were a good combination for her and she was very happy how her career turned out.

Boerio went on to become an executive for Ford Motors and then a CFO for Jaguar. She obtained these jobs through recruitment at the University of Pittsburgh. She said she never would have expected to graduate with a degree in home economics and become a CFO for Jaguar.

Boerio had to move to England for her job at Jaguar, but said how much she loved it there. Since she is such a huge sports fans, she really enjoyed the futbol games. Boerio said it was not too complicated to adjust to living in the United Kingdom, but there were different variations in the language, which sometimes were difficult.

In addition to her many careers, Boerio worked with in politics as the chief of staff to Joe Sestak, a former United States Representative. Also, she was nominated by President Barack Obama to be the director of the United States Mint in September 2012.

According to Boerio, that career did not work out, because, “the Senate was fractuous,” and she was more worried about taking care of her mother, who had some health problems at the time.

“I asked them to withhold my name from re-nomination and the Seton Hill position came up and I had the capability to still be up with my mom, and do something that was more of a passion to me than the Mint,” said Boerio, who still considers her nomination to be a huge honor.

According to Boerio, she is a huge sports fan, which includes the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. Boerio said she also plans on attending the campus’s sporting events and theatrical events. She said she enjoys the theatre and is a huge fan of the actor, Patrick Stewart.

Boerio has 6 nieces, 3 nephews and 2 great-grand nephews, who she said she spoils. Along with her nieces and nephews, she loves to spend time with her family.

Boerio’s advice to the current students at Seton Hill was, “Work hard. Play hard. Find new things.”

She also said one of her favorite quotations was an appropriate guide for college students: “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

According to Boerio,  you cannot expect success if you do not work for it.

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