Incoming students receive new technology

Seton Hill University’s (SHU) technology plan continued to evolve this semester as full-time freshmen were given the opportunity to receive a MacBook Air and full-time students were offered iPad Minis.

Beginning in 2010, full-time freshmen received a MacBook and full-time students received an iPad. This was upgraded in 2012 to allow all full-time freshmen to receive a MacBook Pro and full-time students to receive an iPad 2.

 Now, once again, SHU has upgraded its technology.

 However, not all incoming freshmen have received both the iPad Mini and the MacBook Air. Due to technical differences between the products, some students in certain majors received different products.

 “The art students got a MacBook Pro instead of the Air,” said Molly Zindash, a sophomore majoring in graphic design. “That’s because you can’t use Photoshop and Adobe Flash on the Air and art students need that to do their work.”

 “Just like the art students, music majors have a lot of software that only works for the iPad 2 and not the iPad Mini,” said Emma Firment, sophomore music education major. “So, some got the iPad2 and not the Mini.”

 Kayla Carson, a freshman majoring in creative writing offered her opinions on the new technology.

 “I’ve never used a Pro, but I would really like one more than the Air,” said Carson. “Mostly because the Air doesn’t have a disc drive the like Pro does and that’s such an inconvenience.”

 “This is also the first time I’ve ever really used an iPad of any kind. I like the small size but I would prefer a bigger screen,” said Carson. “Still, it’s not a big deal. Our iPad Mini’s have a camera and a lot of storage space, so I’m not complaining.”

 Upperclassmen have the opportunity to receive a new MacBook Pro for their refresh at the beginning of their junior year. For students like sophomore Caitlyn Yohn, this is preferred over receiving a new MacBook Air.

 “I’m glad we got the Macbook Pro and the iPad 2,” said Yohn. “The Air might be lighter than the Pro, but it doesn’t have a disc drive, which is a huge disappointment. And although the iPad 2 might still have a camera, it’s so much smaller. That’s really nice for personal use, but not for doing school work on.”

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