New Semester Brings Changes in Campus Transportation

After taking the feedback of students and staff into consideration, several changes in the Seton Hill University (SHU) transportation system have been brought into effect this fall semester.

The downtown shuttle, which transfers students and employees to SHU centers in Greensburg, now uses a brand new 24-passenger bus. A few early morning runs have been added to the downtown shuttle schedule as well, in response to the growth in the number of students that have early morning classes in the city. The Shuttle schedule can be found on the Griffin’s Lair homepage.

In the past, SHU has run its own on-campus shuttle service. Now, the school has selected First Student to provide the shuttle services.

The on-campus shuttle system has switched from using three 8-passenger vans to using one 24-passenger van. The need for a new van was recognized from the results of a satisfaction survey students took last spring.

“We looked at the survey and the concerns from students and employees about the vans,” said Barbara Hinkle. Hinkle listed that some of the issues found with the buses were that they were small, hard to get in and out of and some had difficulty with the high step to get in and out of the vans.

 The new on-campus van is “easier to get in and out of and has more room,” said Hinkle. “We’re addressing concerns people have raised as to comfort and safety.”

 Another issue with the old transportation system was the location of the shuttle pick-up, which was located between Bayley Hall and the backdoor to the kitchen. “It’s a very congested area,” said Hinkle, “trucks go there to unload food for the cafeteria, and other deliveries are made there as well.” The new shuttle stop has been moved to Havey Clock, where there is an area for students to wait at and where the traffic will not be blocked.

 The drivers formerly employed by SHU have been offered the opportunity to apply to drive for the First Student shuttle at SHU and they would then be trained under First Student and learn to drive the new buses.


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