Northern Ireland: Solo Round

The only place outside of the United States I have been to is Canada, and it was quite a while ago.  I’ve always harbored a desire to travel.  I finally got the opportunity to do so when I received a letter in the mail accepting me into the Irish American Scholars Program.

For fall term, I will be studying in Northern Ireland at the University of Ulster- Coleraine campus.  Admittedly, I know little about the country.  Its currency is the Pound, its capital is Belfast and rainy weather abounds.  This semester, I want to experience for myself a country different than my own.  Sure, Google can provide a great deal of answers to questions I have, but what better way to understand a different country and its people than to experience it first hand?

I once read an article suggesting the best way to find one’s self is by traveling alone.  My hope in exploring the UK solo is to define my own happiness by exploring the happiness of others in different cultures first hand.

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