Tutoring center added to new student success department

Seton Hill University (SHU) is launching a new “Student Success Department” that combines the services in the Academic Support program.

They include the Writing Center, Tutoring Center, Academic Achievement Center and C.A.P.S. Program. These services now can all be accessed from Admin 513.

“We wanted to create a way to catch them all,” said assistant dean of student success Lynda Sukolsky.  “Now we can all work together to serve the students with our new model.”

In previous years, Linda Altman ran the Tutoring Center. Her retirement at the end of last semester allowed for Andrea Obert to be hired as the director of academic services. She is working with Sukolsky to provide the best possible tutoring services.

“We have an amazingly strong tutoring program here,” said Sukolsky. “We hope to nurture it with the growing campus.”

Tutors will still be specific to each course specific based on faculty recommendations. They will hold walk-in hours in addition to being available by appointment.

The Student Success Department has also partnered with Reeves Library for tutoring locations. Many sports teams are already taking advantage of their space and new model.

 “The library isn’t a hush-hush place anymore. It’s a more open and friendly concept; you can take your food and drinks in and have a conversation,” said Sukolsky. She noted that tutors can now “use their space and whiteboards” to aid their study time.

 To support the department change, they have also launched a new website. It can be accessed by going to Griffin’s Lair and to the “Departments” tab. Then click the first tab on the left-hand side and then access the hyperlinked text “Academic Achievement Center Website.” Here you can find tutoring hours, counseling information, study tips and contact information.

 In the future, the department also hopes to launch multiple workshop series that will highlight their services and innovative studies.

 Sukolsky noted that “it’s a great combination of all our offices and we hope it’ll better serve the Seton Hill community.”


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