Summer fun at Kennywood

Friends and family of all ages can enjoy a day at Kennywood. Photo courtesy of
Friends and family of all ages can enjoy a day at Kennywood. Photo courtesy of

Summer is finally here! The cold and snow are long behind us and it’s finally time to celebrate the freedom and fun of summer. In Pittsburgh, the perfect place to celebrate a warm day with friends and family is Kennywood.

Located in West Mifflin, about eight miles outside of downtown Pittsburgh, Kennywood has something for everyone and is guaranteed to provide a day you’ll never forget.

For the thrill seekers, Kennywood offers six roller coasters, each with its own charm and thrills. The Sky Rocket is the first coaster to feature inversions since the Steel Phantom and goes from 0-50 mph in under three seconds. The Phantom’s Revenge has two large drops and is considered a ‘hyper-coaster’ because the second drop exceeds 200 feet.

Summers are hot and it’s likely you’ll be dying to cool off at some point. Why not take a dip in the Pittsburg Plunge? Guaranteed to cool you off during the 50-foot plunge. You could also try the Raging Rapids, which features a waterfall near the end of the ride.

Now, amusement park food is generally expensive and Kennywood is no different. I suggest you actually leave the park and walk to the nearby food places for cheap food. But you have to go to the Potato Patch and get an order of fries. Especially when topped with cheese and bacon, eating those fries feels like eating pure joy and happiness.

Are you worried about your small child playing in Kennywood? No problem! Kennywood’s ‘Kiddieland’ features miniature versions of rides like the Turtle, the Phantom’s Revenge, the Cosmic Chaos, the Merry-Go-Round and the Whip. Kennywood wants everyone in your family to enjoy themselves, no matter the age.

Even if you can’t make it to Kennywood during the summer season, fear not! Kennywood has rides open in October on Friday and Saturday nights, appropriately named “Phantom Fright Nights.” Featuring actors walking around dressed to scare, you’ve never truly experienced Kennywood until you’ve been on the Phantom at midnight.

I recommend going on a weekday if possible, when the weather predicts clouds/rain, as the lines are usually no longer than 30 minutes on these days. Go straight for the Phantom, then the Exterminator and then the Black Widow, as the lines for these popular rides get very long quickly.

When going in a group, try to stick to even numbers. You’ll almost always have a partner and some rides, like the Thunderbolt, require you to have a partner. Have fun in the sun and let the summer enjoyment begin!

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