Improvements around Seton Hill campus

As I returned to campus early this year for band camp, I was pleased to notice the various improvements made around campus. From the residence halls to the main building, Seton Hill University (SHU) has made quite a few noticeable changes from years past.

By far the biggest improvement on campus was the continuing work on the new Health Science Center. When I left at the end of last semester, they were still working on the groundwork. Now, it looks as though the entire metal framework is completed and they’re moving ahead at full force. While the construction has been a burden on students and faculty, once the building is finished, we’ll have our campus back and better than before.

The next to strike me was the freshman residence hall Brownlee, which has been outfitted with newer windows and doors. This makes the building look more modern and more pleasant in general. The other freshman residence hall Havey received this treatment last year, so it was only fair that Brownlee would inevitably get the same upgrade.

Also found inside the residence halls as well as all around campus are improved paper towel dispensers and toilet paper dispensers. While this may not sound like a big deal, these dispensers have a colored bar to tell the staff when they’re close to needing replaced, which will hopefully lessen the amount of people who wash their hands only to find no paper towels in the bathroom. Also, they’re now a beautiful white, instead of the previous black, so they match the color tones of the bathrooms and don’t stand out as much as before.

The main staircase leading into Canevin/Lowe that many students take each day has also been improved. The staircase is made of solid wood, which is great until winter when it gets easily coated in snow and ice, making it precarious to walk down at best. Now the stairs have been redone with a top metal plate that has treads, making it easier to walk in bad weather. However, they’re still susceptible to ice, so be careful once the weather gets cold!

The last big change on campus is the remodeling of Reeves Library. While the space is still quiet enough for studying, the space once occupied with books is now completely open. The only furniture in the space are many comfy chairs and tables for students to use at their leisure. Several rooms that branch off from the main space can be used for group studying or other various activities. Work on Reeves began last semester with the relocation/removal of many books, which prompted many students to visit Reeves to take home some books.

While freshman will come to campus accustomed to all these additions, returning students and faculty are sure to enjoy the various changes and appreciate the time SHU workers took to make these improvements.


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