Carrie: Classic horror film explores religion and supernatural abilities

“Carrie” was released in 1976. The title character is 17- year old girl who is abused by her mother who is a religious lunatic. Carrie deals with being the outcast in school and her community. Carrie has telekinesis allowing her to control objects with her mind, whenever her mood changes or she feels frantic.

“Carrie” is known for its main characters, Sissy Spacek (Carrie) and Piper Laurie (Carrie’s mother). The mother created a psychotic fear of sexuality and extreme religious views due to her pregnancy out out of wedlock. The mother is so deranged by religion that she would punish Carrie by locking her in a tiny closet and making her pray surrounded by statues of crucifixion and lit candles.

Throughout the movie Carrie struggles with being social in school because she’s known as a weirdo. She get’s asked to prom by the most popular boy in school and gets antagonized about attending the prom by her religious lunatic mother. Carrie and her date, Tommy, are crowned as prom king and queen.

As the two of them are on stage receiving their crowns and sashes, a bucket of pig blood is poured on the both of them from the ceiling. The bucket drops from the ceiling, killing Tommy, and causing Carrie to be extremely furious and frantic due to extreme embarrassment. She begins to destroy the prom with her telekinesis.

Carrie was directed by Brian De Palma and was known as the best horror film to be out since Jaws in 1975. Unlike other horror movies, this movie isn’t based of a stereotyped child; because Carrie is just like people we may or once knew before, except she has telekinesis.

Unlike other horror movies Brian De Palma decided to have a beautiful scene in his movie. This was when Carrie had made her own prom dress, and attended the prom with Tommy, who picked her up in a limo, and treated her with great respect.

The original story was published by Stephen King in 1974. The Rage: Carrie 2 was a sequel, and a remake was released in 2013.

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