Study abroad opportunities at Seton Hill May 2015

Seton Hill University (SHU) has many study abroad opportunities for students and alumni members over the summer. These courses are known as M-Term classes due to the fact that they take place from May and run until early June.

From SHU’s Study Away Flyer: “In addition to tuition, attached to each course is a designated course fee. All course fees are non-refundable. Students are responsible for their own personal expenses, including passport fees, visa fees when necessary, and independent travel. SHU reserves the right to make any necessary changes including adjustments in cost in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise. Seton Hill reserves the right to raise its program fees in light of currency fluctuations or any other unforeseen circumstances up to 14 days prior to travel.”

Matriculated students and non-matriculated persons may participate in the Study Away opportunities for zero credit on a space available basis. All persons enrolling for zero credit will be required to pay a $75 administrative processing fee in addition to the for-credit course fee listed below. All credits will count toward the fall semester.

All participants in the Study Away opportunity must submit the signed “Travel Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement”, the “Study Away Agreement” and the “Study Away Medical History Form” to the course instructor by the same deadlines listed for the fee payments.

Over the 2015 M-Term at SHU, there are two courses that allow students to travel to Cartago, Costa Rica. Both courses cost $2500, or $2575 if taken for no credits. Both courses run from May 15 – June 5.

Instructor Beverly Hall is in charge of the ED305: Multicultural Practicum, which will have students spend 10 days in Costa Rica observing and teaching in a bilingual Costa Rican school. From SHU’s Study Away Flyer: “In addition to the school experience, you will travel to several cultural and ecological sites including La Selva Biological Station, a facility of worldwide importance for tropical research and the Tirimbina Rainforest Center.” For more information, contact

In ED227: Teaching English Language Learners, students will travel to Cartago, Costa Rica with instructor Mary Monsour and will be the guest of the Jose Figueres Ferrer Bilingual School. They will spend five nights with a Costa Rican family approved by the administrators of the school. From SHU’s Study Away Flyer: “You will complete the practicum portion of this course by interaction with ELL students and teachers while being immersed in the Costa Rican culture and be able to draw conclusions about how children from different cultures approach school and learning.” For more information, contact

There are two courses that allow students to travel to Beijing, China. Both courses are 3 credits, although they can be taken for none. The course fee is $3300, or $3375 if taken for no credits. Students are responsible for obtaining Passports/Visas for entrance to China. Both courses are taught by Instructor Keisha Jimmerson and they run from May 18 – June 5. For more information on either course, contact

HU325: City Study Beijing allows students to experience the city of Beijing and the importance of China. From SHU’s Study Away Flyer: “You will experience Chinese arts such as calligraphy and painting, and explore historic sites including the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven and Tian’an Men Square.” This course also satisfies the Global Perspectives portion of the liberal arts curriculum if taken for credit. Students take both HU325 and CN115 and must register for 3-6 credits.

CN115: Intensive Chinese is an intensive course designed to develop the essential skills of expression and comprehension in written and spoken Chinese. Students will have the chance to develop language skills while interacting with Chinese students, as students will be residing in the city limits near Beijing Union University campus. This course will satisfy the Language Studies requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum if taken for credit.

There are two courses that allow students to travel to Cordoba, Spain. Both courses can be taken for three credits or no credit and they run from May 14 – June 5. The course fee for both is $3640 or $3715 if taken for no credits. Both courses are taught by Instructor Judith Garcia-Quismondo. For more information, contact Students must take SP411 and can also take SP326. They must register for at least three credits and all excursions will be conducted by faculty or professional guides.

SP411: Spanish Study in Spain is an intensive course designed to make the most of a three week stay in Cordoba to combine learning Spanish at a language school for 4 hours every day. From SHU’s Study Away Flyer: “This course works in combination with daily oral and aural practice derived from the academic classes received at the language school plus the daily student interaction with local families and contemporary Spanish culture by extension.” Students will stay with families that have been selected by Academia Hispanica of Cordoba. This course satisfies the Foreign Language requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum if taken for credit.
HU326: City Study Cordoba is an intensive course designed as a complete program of activities From SHU’s Study Away Flyer: “Guided tours explore the city’s historical monuments left by the different civilizations that have populated Cordoba and its old quarters (Jewish, Moorish) over the centuries. The guided excursions are to Seville and its monumental districts, and Granada, location of the Arab complex of palaces and fortresses, the Alhambra and frame or the Romantic tales by Washington Irving. In combination with the packaged program of excursions, guided tours and visits to monuments, the students will receive a daily class of two hours dealing with the cultural details that they will be exploring in their trips. Before every excursion, classes will work as a starting point to prepare them for cultural exposure.” This course fulfills the World Cultural Traditions I requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum if taken for credit.

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