Review the hottest fashion trends of 2015

Each year trends come and go. Five years ago people saw the rebirth of fashion trends from the 80’s including the leather jackets and studs. One of the biggest trends of 2010 was neon colors.

In the span of a few short years the world has seen many new trends come and go as those trends from 2010 did. Nowadays people see shirt dresses, ankle boots, active wear, scarves and high waisted pants wherever they go.

That does not even count the trends that are in Hollywood. Celebrities have been rocking sheer dresses, white gowns, cutouts and gloves on the red carpet this past year. On the street, celebrities have been known to wear denim on denim, making that a large trend for celebrity street style.

Image created by H.Zunic on
Image created by H.Zunic on

The great thing about the trends from 2015 is that they are versatile pieces. Ankle boots go great with both shirt dresses and high waisted pants. Not to mention high waisted pants can look great in a more formal setting. And it is not just high waisted pants that are on trend but high waisted skirts and shorts too. No matter what high waisted bottom you chose, they will all look great with a crop top.

Crop tops were once again the staple of the summer. Who didn’t want to show off their summer body this past year? It didn’t matter what type of body shape people have everyone was rocking this trend and it looked good no matter what.

There was no better way to beat the heat then to wear a crop top out. And paired with a high waisted bottom and gladiator sandals, the look was on point.

One of the biggest trends of everyday wear for 2015 is active wear. From yoga pants and leggings to sports bras you cannot go a day without seeing at least one person wearing some form of activewear.

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Because of the activewear trend, you no longer have to only wear your activewear to the gym.

Activewear is a trend that is worn by everyone for a person on the street to Hollywood stars. Kate Hudson even started her own line of activewear this past year entitled Fabletics.

Scarves are a trend that have not seemed to go away. The moment the weather begins to cool down, the scarves are busted out.

There are always new ways to wear scarves. News sites, like Buzzfeed, have even written articles regarding the top ways to wear all type of scarves including infinity scarves and neck scarves.

Some of the ideas included putting it on your head and wearing the scarf as a head scarf or tying it around a bun. Others were simply tying it in new ways, and one even went out of the way to show how a scarf could be made into a vest.

While this trend has been around for a few years now, it looks like it is still going strong, and it does not seem like it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Image created by H.Zunic on
Image created by H.Zunic on

There were times throughout the year that Hollywood had its own set of trends. During the red carpet season at the beginning of the year, Hollywood stars graced the red carpets in sheer dresses, red gowns and white gowns; all of which were paired with gloves.

Who could forget Lady Gaga’s Oscar dress this year? She wore a full skirted white gown designed by Alaïa paired with a pair of red gloves from the same designer.

During the red carpet season of this past year, gloves have been a staple on the red carpet. Stars such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Natalie Dormer and Amal Clooney were seen wearing gloves with their red carpet gowns this season.

White gowns were the other large trend of the red carpet season. The Golden Globes alone had twelve stars wearing white. Another hot color on the red carpet was red. Fourteen stars wore red on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year.

Sheer dresses came to forefront of fashion this year on the red carpet as well. These types of dresses were made famous by Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. This trend is one of the toughest to pull off in Hollywood, and more times than not, the star wearing the dress will end up on the worst dressed list. This does not stop stars from wearing this trend.

On and off the red carpet, celebrities were also seen rocking cutouts this past year. From simple dresses and shirts with the sides cut out to the entire back of a gown. On the red carpet the stars did not shy away from this trend.

Image created by H.Zunic on
Image created by H.Zunic on

This trend also made its way out onto the streets of everyday wear. While most were not as drastic as some in Hollywood, a fair share of tops and dresses had cutouts placed in them.

Cutouts in everyday wear were a great way to show some skin, but still look nice at the same time. Cutouts also looked great with the summer trend of color-blocking.

Cutouts definitely gave new life to plain t-shirts. Designers began placing cutouts on the shoulders of basic t-shirts and it gave new life to the shirts. Some designers have taken the trend a step further and placed cutouts all the way down the sleeves of shirts.

Be careful with this trend though. With cutouts there is that fine line of classy and trashy.

This past year people began rocking another tricky trend: denim on denim. Yes, this iconic fashion trend of the 90’s and early 2000’s came back. In the past it has been described as the trend that is so wrong that it’s right.

Denim on denim, or double denim as it is known in some circles, has been a favorite of stars such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, and Rihanna.

Since this trend is so tricky, it has mainly stayed in the Hollywood hills, but a few brave souls have tried this trend for everyday wear this past year.

Those were some of the hottest trends of 2015. They will all go out of style at some point. At least these trends have had their moment to live where some trends, like metallic tattoos, could not die fast enough.

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