BREAKING NEWS: Emergency vehicles on scene at Caritas Christi

An ambulance prepares to depart Caritas Christi around 2 p.m. today. Photo by L.Cowan/Setonian.

UPDATE: Everyone at Caritas Christi is safe and returned to the building this afternoon.

Earlier this morning sirens were heard at Seton Hill University (SHU). Students reported emergency vehicles were stationed outside of Caritas Christi, located at the top of the Hill. The Greensburg Fire Department has begun an investigation into the incident. No other information on what took place earlier today can be given at this time. Two transportation buses are also on standby outside of the building. There is no confirmation on whether an evacuation will take place. More information to come.

Caritas Christi is the motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity at SHU. The building was dedicated to the Sisters in 1999 and serves a number of purposes, but is primarily the home to approximately 100 retired Sisters on the Hill. Active sisters gather for meetings and recreations.

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