Peek inside the Lowe Dining Hall renovations

Renovations for Lowe Dining Hall have been approximately two years in the making. The dining hall has also not been updated since 1919. The original estimated opening for the newly renovated dining hall was Aug. 17, and that date still holds as developments move forward as expected.

“Apparently Lowe was built to accommodate about 400, and we have 1600 students who go through it every single day,” said SHU President Mary Finger during her “State of the University” speech at Alumni Weekend.

The renovations will increase the space for both seating and food stations. There will even be a study space inside that will be open round the clock. Darren Achtzehn, director of food services, explained the overall goal was to make the dining hall feel more like home.

“The next time you are back on campus you will see a renovated space that looks very much like the current space, but with an additional building that accommodates our students,” said Finger. “The staff has done an amazing job under pretty challenging circumstances. But I think the most important thing is that it will be air conditioned.”

Published By: Paige Parise

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