Police Blotter: Winter 2018

Oct. 22 at 9:08 “A shuttle bus vehicle parked in the Caritas Christi lot had gasoline removed from it.”

Oct. 22 at 22:23 “A fire alarm (smoke detector) activated on second Brownlee- burnt popcorn was the cause.”

Oct. 24 at 8:29 “A window pane from a McKenna door was damaged.”

Oct. 25 at 16:47 “The 131 building had a fire alarm, the cause was unknown.”

Oct. 29 at 22:16 “A student was in violation of SHU’s weapons policy by possessing a pellet gun.”

Oct. 30 at 15:40 “An aerosol spray was the cause of a fire alarm activating in Lowe Hall.”

Nov. 03 at 2:27 “Mist from a air diffuser activated a fire alarm on third Brownlee.”

Nov. 14 at 19:35 “A fire alarm activated on second Brownlee, the cause was unknown.”

Nov. 17 at 3:06 “A resident student (underage) was in violation of the liquor law.”

Nov. 2 at 15:00 “A white erasable board was damaged while fastened to a residence hall door.”

Nov. 25 at 22:30 “First floor DeChantal residents reported their rooms were entered over break. Investigation/surveillance video continuing.”

Published By: Stephen Dumnich

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