Setonian recent past editors share success and knowledge after graduation

Each year, the Setonian has to part ways with staff members. The skills and knowledge of journalism go far beyond the Setonian. Staff members continue to use what they have learned to further develop their careers after Seton Hill.

Photo from Laramie Cowan.

Laramie Cowan

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Graduation: Spring 2018

Since you have graduated what are you up to now?

“After graduation, I was wondering what life with a journalism degree was going to be like. Thankfully I was very lucky and got a call in July. I began working at WJAC, a TV station also known as Channel 6 News in Johnstown, Pa. I was hired as the weekend assignment editor but began filling in as a producer when needed about 7 months in. I ended up liking the work of a producer and began training with producing the 6 p.m. show three days a week. This involves putting the show together, making sure it is timed out correctly and sitting in a cool booth when it’s showtime to time the show and cue the reporters when to speak. It’s been almost a year since I was hired there and I have just recently signed a contract for the producer’s position. It’s honestly an amazing experience that I never thought I’d have. I also recently got engaged, so I’m also planning a wedding and looking into buying a house in the near distant future.”

What are some of the biggest takeaways from the Setonian?

“The Setonian was always a main part of my college career and I think being able to work my way up was a big eye opener. Yes it is important that you do what you love, but I think it’s also important to learn as much as you can in other departments. Not only does that help you get the bigger picture, but it also allows you to help and communicate with others when they might need some assistance. Having the opportunity to try as many things as I wanted with the Setonian allowed me to find out what I was truly interested in and helped me get over my fear of talking to and instructing others in a productive way.”

What are future goals you still wish to succeed?

“Producing a print publication is still a favorite of mine. I do wish that I will be able to work for some sort of magazine or book publishing company that allows me to physically lay out the piece and control how it will look. I also still wish to finish a novel. Or maybe I can accomplish both, by staying in the TV industry while publishing a book or two. A girl can dream.”

What advice can you give for current/future members of the Setonian and SHU students?

“My advice for those investing time into the world of literature, journalism and anything relating to the written word: Try new things. Give something new a try and it just might change your future. As a freshman going into the Setonian I didn’t want to be in a leadership position. I wanted to write an article a month and graduate after four years. But I gave layout a try and realized I liked editing and producing magazines. If you don’t know what you want to do with your future, don’t stress. Start by living day by day and finding new things to enjoy. Let that lead you.”

What were some of your favorite moments working on the Setonian?

“It’s very difficult to pick just a few of my favorite moments with the Setonian. Yes it could be stressful, I won’t lie, but the good outweighed the bad 100%. I made life-long friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I gained confidence and grew as a writer and a person. I always loved going on little adventures while trying to find cover photos, working together to solve each problem we faced and I even loved staying up way too late with cove food and ice cream to finish the final touches on each issue. To put it simply, if you’d take a look at every issue since Fall 2014, there’d be a memory in each one that I cherish and remember.”

Photo from Callista Arida.

Callista Arida

Position: Assistant-Editor-in-Chief

Graduation: Spring 2018

What have you accomplished since graduating from Seton Hill?

“After graduating from Seton Hill about a year ago, I started interning at the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County. My internship gave me the opportunity to continue to look for something more permanent while learning and developing my skills. A few months ago, a position opened up at Seton Hill that sparked my interest and I decided to apply. About a month later I interviewed for it and happily accepted the position. It’s still pretty new and I’m excited to see where it takes me.”

Do you have any takeaways from the Setonian?

“The Setonian taught me so much and I continue to use the knowledge to this day. It taught me about the importance of teamwork and how to hold not only others but also yourself accountable for getting stuff done.”

“I learned how to balance my tasks and manage my time. Most importantly, I learned how to take risks and have faith in myself. I stepped out of many comfort zones working for the Setonian and I will always be thankful for those opportunities.”

Do you have any future goals that you still want to accomplish since graduating?

“Eventually I’d like to go back to school to my masters degree. I always imagined going back right after undergrad, but life doesn’t always go the way you plan. I think everything happens for a reason, and now I have time to get situated in my career and really think about what I want to go back for. When the time is ready, I’ll know.”

What is some advice you can give to current/future Setonian members and students of SHU?

“My advice for current and future Setonian staff members would be have faith in yourself! You’re going to doubt your abilities, come across an assignment that challenges you, and probably make a mistake or two, but you can’t give up. All of these things make you better and you’ll eventually look proudly back at yourself. This advice equally applies to any student at Seton Hill. Whatever your studying from the sciences to the arts. You’re here because you’re passionate about something, don’t let your self doubt, or others for that matter, get in your way.”

Photo from Paige Parise.

Paige Parise

Position: Co-Editor-in-Chief

Graduation: Spring 2019

Since graduating from SHU, what are you currently up to?

“In the past few weeks since I graduated, I have been searching and applying for jobs related to communication and journalism, which were my two majors at Seton Hill. Besides the job search, I have been relaxing and spending time with my family and friends while I have that opportunity before I land a full-time job.”

What are some takeaways from the Setonian?

“The Setonian taught me the importance of putting the time and effort into something you care about to create something great. That’s something I’ve kept in mind as I’m working on job applications, and I’ll carry that with me in my future career. Creating the Setonian involved working with the other staff members as a team, and prioritizing the needs of the group as a whole, not just your own. I know this will be true in the working world as well, and I’m prepared for that because of the Setonian. Generally, the Setonian also taught me the significance of being confident in your work while also remaining open to feedback for improvement. Those skills are especially helpful for me as a writer, but I think they’re important for everyone.”

Do you have any future goals?

“My most prominent goal right now is to land a full-time job in my field. In the long-term, I hope to become a leader with expertise in my field so I can help others grow both in their work and as people in general. Last year, I also had the incredible opportunity to have my work published in Pittsburgh Magazine during my internship, so one of my goals is to freelance to hopefully have my work published with different organizations.”

Is there any advice you can share with current/future Setonian members and SHU students?

“For staff members of the Setonian, stay persistent. The Setonian involves a lot of time and effort, but ultimately, it’s worth it. For any SHU student, my advice would be to get involved with something you’re passionate about so you gain experience and spend your time doing something you enjoy. I loved working on the Setonian, and I improved so many skills that will help me be successful in my career. Do something meaningful with your time at SHU.”

What were some of your favorite moments working on the Setonian during your time at SHU?

“Most of my favorite moments working on the Setonian were the late nights I spent working on layout in the publications office with the other editors. You form a special kind of bond with people you spend that much time with, and we have so many inside jokes and memories that I’ll never forget. I also really enjoyed getting to know coaches and professors and students whom I may have never interacted with if I didn’t interview them.”

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