November 2019 Police Blotter

Oct. 3, at 11:02, “a possible wood kiln malfunction activated a fire alarm at the arts center kiln was shut down.” 

Oct. 5, at 8:30, “a 3rd floor smoke detector in the sisters of charity res hall activated. A hair dryer may of set it off.” 

Oct. 10, at 9:53, “steam from a shower activated a fire alarm in Havey.” 

Oct. 10, at 8:46, “a fire alarm activated on 1st floor Havey, steam from a shower set it off.” 

Oct. 20, at 1:28, “a fire alarm activated on 2nd Dechantal. Burnt food was the cause. Ventilation was needed.” 

Oct. 20, at 1:50, “a SHU resident was in violation of the Pa. liquor law statue.” 

Oct. 21, at 10:50, “a sexual assault was reported, all parties were identified, an investigation is continuing.” 

Oct. 23, at 8:35, “a fire alarm activated in Canevin, hair spray may of been the cause.” 

Oct. 27, 3:10, “a smoke detector activated in Dechantal. A possible steam hair straightener was the cause.”

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