Taking a new view on old Shakespearean writings

First off, I would like to publicly proclaim my love for Shakespearean literature. I actually enjoyed reading “Hamlet” (it’s about noble self-sacrifice and succession of power, people!). However, when I saw “King Lear” performed a couple of years ago I was bored to tears. I found it lifeless. As soon as I heard that Christopher…

Welcome to wherever you are

And so it begins. The beginning of the end. Three years have really flown by. I know it seems cliche, but it seems like only yesterday that I was auditioning and filling out college applications. So much has changed in three years.

Natalie Bloom: not your typical “College Girl”

“College Girl” appeared in the Setonian mailbox. I volunteered to read it because I’ve done book reviews in the past. I try to keep an open mind when I read, surrendering myself to enjoy even the most terrible writing-I admitted to being a “Twilight” fan last fall. I began reading “College Girl” with the same…

Concentrated course classes create crazy hassles

In May of 2008, I had to take a break from the Parisian splendor surrounding me, sit down by the Seine, and begin reading a text book. Why? Because I’m a double major, and the only way that I could possibly graduate on time is to take core classes over the summer.

Rememer when…

I never realized how many historic events I’ve lived through until just recently. I remember when Princess Diana was killed. I had been fascinated by her as a child; she was my hero. She died on my tenth birthday. I cried. I still have a poster of her hanging in my bedroom at home.