Setonian Advertising Information 2019-2020

When submitting, please place your ad in a .jpeg or .tiff file formats. Please make sure your ad is the appropriate dimensions, as listed below in “Mechanical Information.” Thank you!

Note: The Setonian reserves the right to edit, change the location of, or reject any advertising and to adjust the publication schedule.

Fall 2019 Publication Schedule 


Publication Date: Oct. 3

Ad Deadline: Sept. 25


Publication Date: Nov. 1

Ad Deadline: Oct. 25


Publication Date: Dec. 5

Ad Deadline: Nov. 28

Spring 2020 Publication Schedule


Publication Date: Jan. 30

Ad Deadline: Jan. 23


Publication Date: Feb. 27

Ad Deadline: Feb. 20


Publication Date: March 26

Ad Deadline: March 19


Publication Date: Apr. 30

Ad Deadline: Apr. 23


We distribute between 650 and 1000 copies of each issue to students, faculty, staff and employees.

Magazine Advertising

Black and White Pricing:

1/4 Page = $60.00
1/2 Page = $115.00
3/4 Page = $165.00
Full Page = $200.00

Color Pricing:

1/4 Page = $90.00
1/2 Page = $200.00
3/4 Page = $255.00
Full Page = $310.00


Seton Hill:
1/4 Page = $45.00
1/2 Page = $80.00
3/4 Page = $130.00
Full Page = $160.00

5% will be discounted for repeat business for the second ad purchased in the same semester.

10% will be discounted for repeat business for the third ad purchased in the same semester.

25% will be discounted for repeat business if a business commits to an entire semester of advertising.

Mechanical Information

Magazine Sizes

1/4 Page = 4″ wide x 5″ high
1/2 Page = 8″ wide x 5″ high
3/4 Page = 8″ wide x 7.5″ high
Full Page = 8″ wide x 10″ high

Note: The Setonian will accept ads that do not comply with the above measurements, providing the ad sizes do not interfere with our modular page design. Also, it is possible for our layout staff to modify most ads to fit a standard ad size. Extensive design work will incur an additional charge. Non-standard sized ads will be compared to our standard sizes and the charges will be prorated accordingly.

For Further information
c/o Setonian, SHU Box 343K, Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA 15601-1599. E-Mail: ATTN to: Business Manager

3 thoughts on “Setonian Advertising Information 2019-2020

  1. Hello,

    My name is Becca Linebaugh. I am the store manage for Nature’s Way Market in Greensburg. We are considering possibly placing an ad in your newspaper. The copy that I have in jpeg format is approx. 5×4 in rather than 4x5in. I was wondering if someone could contact me via email and I could possibly attach it to see if it could be used.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Good Morning,

    My name is Amber Gregory and I am the Human Resources Administrator for Star Volvo of Greensburg. We were very interested in placing an employment ad in your school’s newspaper. Please let me know if this would at all be a possibility. Thank you so much for your thoughts and consideration; I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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