Your voice in student government: this year’s SHGA

By Andrea Perkins,
Students have a voice in the government of Seton Hill University (SHU), through the Seton Hill Government Association (SHGA), which was renamed in the 60’s from the College Government during the presidency of Monsignor William Granger Ryan.
The SHGA is divided into an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch.
The executive branch is the Executive Board of the SHGA, the legislative branch is the Student Senate, and the judicial branch is the Campus Life Resolution Board (CLRB), which consists of one student from each class.
Last spring, the sophomores, juniors and seniors voted for members to represent their classes in SHGA. At the Club Fair on September 13, 2004, the freshman class voted on who would represent them in student government.
The freshman officers are: President Ryan Miller; Vice President Amanda Gallagher; Secretary Janette Kristich; Treasurer Kelly Pelkey; and CLRB representative Megan Ritter.
�I�m very excited, it looks to be a great year with the people we have. They�re very mature, especially with their campaigning,� said Ryan about the newly- elected freshman board.
The officers of the sophomore class are: President Rachel Ramsey; Vice President Michael Diezmos; Secretary Chelsie Betz; Treasurer Ashley Hott; and CLRB representative Paul Crossman.
The juniors have: President Justin Norris; Vice President Jamie Hickton; Secretary Gina Eachus; Treasurer Adrian Scarlella; and CLRB representative April Manzano.
President Emily Ciak, Vice President Rachel Buehl, and CLRB representative Nakia Cambell serve the senior class.
The SHGA’s executive board is made up of: President Kristin Bachorski; Vice President Matt McDonough; Corresponding Secretary Amber Trump; Recording Secretary Jimmy Pirlo, Treasurer Shannon Davis, and Campus Resolution Board Chair Christina Hooker.
The student body of SHU should look to these individuals for help. �They get a voice [with the SHGA]�people who they can come to talk to about their concerns,� said Bachorski. The Student Senate is made of representatives from every floor in the residence halls.
�It is a vessel for students to communicate concerns and ideas to the administration,� said Jaimie Steel, SHGA advisor and Director of Activities and Commuter Life.
The purpose of SHGA is exactly what it sounds like: it is a government for the students. SHGA has a constitution and bylaws that are amended when needed.
�I would hope students would get to know SHGA officers, get involved and know they a have a voice. We need to hear what they have to say,� said Dr. Charmaine Strong, dean of student services.
The administration listens to SHGA. If the student had a grievance, depending on the what it was and on how the situation was addressed, they could be able to change it.
The Senate meetings are open to everyone, and it is the expectation that SHGA is used as a communication tool both ways: to give and receive information between the students and the administration.
The SHGA advisors hope that the students become involved in clubs, activities, and student government on campus.
When students think they are not a part of SHGA, they should think again. As Strong said, �All students are a member of student government, because you�re a student of Seton Hill.�
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