This is not your grandma’s knitting: Stitch �n Bitch, Greensburg

By Karissa J. Kilgore,
Staff Writer
The image of knitting has long been underestimated as something only old women do, with their silvery hair swept into buns, talking of the newest grandchild while manipulating bulky woolen threads into a sweater that no one will wear.
Snap out of the nineteenth century and back to 2005 and you�ll find yourself presented with the newest vision in knitting: Stitch �n Bitch (SnB).
Originally a book, Stitch �n Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller, it’s becoming a movement reigniting artistic fervor in a new generation of aspiring and experienced knitters. Stoller is also the publisher of the print and on-line magazine Bust, or
SnB has woven its way into Greensburg culture thanks to a local knitter, Natasha Fialkov. She started knitting about three months ago and said she has been �doing it like crazy.�
At DV8, 208 Pennsylvania Avenue downtown, knitters of all walks of life gather to�what else��stitch and bitch.�
The first meeting took place January 21, and proved successful by Fialkov’s standards. Knitters of all age and backgrounds sat to chitchat, exchange ideas, and knit. �It was a nice mix� And 20 people for the first meeting was great,� she said.
Various projects made with various yarns were showcased in stages of completion by those with experience; for those without much experience or
even those brand-new to knitting, seeing the wonders wound in yarn was astounding.
“I surprised at the complexity of the projects by some of the youngest people there,” said Amanda Cochran, news/online editor of the Setonian, who attended the inaugural SnB meeting.
Anyone is invited, but what if you don’tknit? Fialkov said, �We�ll teach you if you want to learn.�
Those that crochet are also welcome to join SnB.
Pudge Lizza, co-owner of Knit Wits, a local supply store for knitters and crotchetiers alike, found about a quarter mile from Westmoreland Mall, said she
notices a �great deal of enthusiasm�an incredible resurgence, almost a rebirth� in knitting after more than thirty years. Why? �It could be the state-of-the-art yarns. [They�re] magnificent,� she said.
According to Fialkov, �Plenty of people don’tknow that the yarns are so beautiful.�
Fialkov has future ideas for SnB that she plans to talk over with attendees at the next meeting, to be held Friday, February 18th at 6pm at DV8. �We have a
lot of different skill levels,� says Fialkov. �I�m not opposed to bigger events.�
Charitable projects for homeless people, battered women’s shelters, and even neglected animals locally are �definite possibilities,� she said.
�I�m very amazed about how cathartic [it] is,� said Fialkov. �I take my knitting everywhere.�
The view of this craft is starting to change; younger people doing �unusual things� with just needles and string is becoming popular thanks to�resurgence� through �Stitch �n Bitch.�
The Stitch �n Bitch meetings at DV8 in Greensburg will be held every third Friday pf the month at 6:00 p.m. Fialkov said this is likely to be more frequent if popularity increases.
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