Men’s and women’s golf season preparation

By Lauren Brian,
Staff Writer
The Seton Hill University (SHU) men and women’s golf team’s 2005 season comes to an end.
�We�re having the best semester we�ve ever had,� said Junior Steve Zewe. �We�ve decided to work hard and finish the season strong.�
The team practices at Mt. Odin Golf Course and the Greensburg Country Club. �It’s all about hitting balls and playing as much as you can,� said Senior Jamie Coll.
Practices consist of hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range or playing a full 18 holes on the course.
The regional tournament begins on Friday, May 5, 2005, and ends on Saturday, May 6, 2005. SHU will compete against all the teams in the conference as well as two other teams from Region IX. So far this season the men’s team has taken second place at St. Vincent College, 3rd at Carnegie Mellon University, and fifth at Malone College.
�Our work ethic has changed this year and we�re definitely, without a doubt, going to do well at Regionals,� said Zewe.
The team will play a round during the week and the top five players will compete in the upcoming match and the top four scores are registered during the match.
�The chemistry this year is outstanding and we have a great mentality,� said Coach Dan McCarty. �Players are lifting on their own in order to stay ahead of the game. They�re all hungry to win.�
The Griffins have won against two nationally ranked teams this year and hope to hold the rope next year while gaining two new additions to the team and only graduating one senior. �I think one of the incoming freshman will really stand out next year,� said McCarty.
While the men are finishing their season, the women are preparing for their season in the fall.
Returning in the fall as a junior, Lisa Hollick is prepared to come back strong after shooting an impressive 87 at the AMC championship that led the women’s team to a fourth place finish while finished third overall. The women’s team plays at Mt. Odin and Greensburg Country Club as well.
�We try to play as often as we can in the off season,� said Hollick. �We play nine holes twice a week, 18 if we can, and hit the driving range as well.
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