Luck needed when looking for lounge space on campus

As Seton Hill University (SHU) continues to grow, welcoming more and more students each year, crowded and available space becomes an issue.

Housing has already proven to be a problem at SHU and accommodations have been established. As for lounging availability, members of the SHU community offer different opinions.

At the end of a stressful day, it’s not uncommon for students to unwind and finish off the night with some TV.

Of the lounges accessible to everyone, only two have televisions.

“The Griffin Lounge is always full. I hardly hang out there because of all the students,” said freshman Teresa Hoffer, a Havey resident.

“We like to hang out in the Havey Lounge, but the cable doesn’t work, so we have to watch movies.”

With each public lounge available at SHU, they are some restrictions. Reeves Library is not a primary source of entertainment like the Griffin Lounge can be, nor can one accomplish assignments while socializing in the Solarium. Each lounge offers separate conveniences for different purposes.

“Each lounge is beneficial to you when you know what’s available,” said Kensey.